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by Jairon Landa

In this tutorial, I will show you how to send an email by using SMTP with CodeIgniter 4. I assume you already have a basic CodeIgniter 4 framework. For testing purpose, we are using ( It is safe and easy to configure. It is free for new users who want to evaluate or intend to apply it on a personal side project.


1. Install CodeIgniter 4

2. Basic CodeIgniter 4 CRUD with MySQL



Step 1

Register account here:

Select Inboxes and click button Add Project.

Enter appropriate inbox name and click Save button.

Example: ci4-testAdd mailtrap project

The new inbox is successfully created, next go to inbox settings to get dummy credentials and configuration.

configure mailtrap settings

Step 2

Select SMTP settings tab, at credentials panel SMTP it shows Host, Port, Username, and Password, and more. We use this credential to test CodeIgniter 4 email SMTP.

mailtrap credentials

Step 3

We store email credential in .env file. The reason why I am using .env file because it is secure and easy to manage if you want to move your project to production mode.

Open your .env file

Add this code at bottom .env file

Note: you can give any variable name in .env file. More info here

Next, set up SMTP settings in .env file.

Note: please use your credential that provided by, this example just for demo purpose.


email_config_protocol = 'smtp'
email_config_SMTPHost = ''
email_config_SMTPPort = 2525
email_config_SMTPUser = '2f4297dbe06ffc'
email_config_SMTPPass = 'e3834c7c4ff539'
email_config_senderMail = '2f4297dbe06ffc'
email_config_senderName = 'Test Email'


Step 4

Declare email Services in app/Controllers/BaseController.php

Create a Controller app/Controllers/Home.php

Your mailtrap should receive email from CodeIgniter.

Mailtrap receive email from codeigniter



You learn how to setup and configure CodeIgniter 4 SMTP email and test it with 

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