Install composer on windows machine

In this tutorial I will show you how to install composer on windows machine step by step.

If you still don't have PHP installed please refer to this tutorial How to install XAMPP on windows machine.


Step 1 Download composer

Thing you need is download the latest version of composer for windows

Step 2 Install composer

Note: Make sure your machine already have installed the latest version of PHP

Keep it default configuration/settings.

composer installation

Click button "Next" to proceed the installation.


Step 2.1 Make sure PHP is installed on your machine

verify php location

If your PHP is correctly installed on your windows machine. Click the "Next"button.


Step 2.2 Proxy settings

You can keep it blank, and click the "Next" button.

Proxy Settings


Step 2.3 Review composer settings

Make sure all settings is correct before proceed the installation.
Click the "Install" button to proceed the final installation.

Review composer settings



Step 2.4 Wait installation finish

Make sure everything is successfuly installed, and no error occur.

wait installation finish


Step 3.0 Check composer installation.

Open CMD or Command Prompt. Type composer --version command.

composer command

if you get the output like above that means your composer installation is success.