Programmers versus Developers, Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! This argument still lingers, clear differences are yet to be presented. Just as these terms are not direct synonyms, so is their meaning in the field of computing. Clear differences between a Programmer and a Developer are what this article presents.

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) changes our daily life

“Stop looking for Artificial Intelligence Systems on the calendar, just turn.”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an aspect of computer science that deals with the creation of Machine Intelligence in contrast to Natural Intelligence demonstrated by humans or animals.

Artificial Intelligence is no longer a project for the future, but an accomplished one that is already undergoing improvements. WABOT-1, which is the world’s first full-scale intelligent humanoid robot, was completed in Japan as far back as 1972 by Waseda University.
AI systems are primarily built to influence the human state of living, these influences cuts across culture, security, entertainment, language, just to mention a few.

why we should learn computer programming

Workshops, events, books, robots and games are multiplying around programming. Programmer is even mandatory now at schools. But why learn to program today and how to learn? Learning a programming language is within everyone's reach. You probably think that programming is a difficult activity, that it does not serve much while programming is an exercise within the reach of all. This is why programming should be made mandatory in school programs.